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Although on the surface the internet may be a place filled with kittens and hilarious memes, underneath it all it hides many deep, dark and spooky things. Filled with unexplainable videos of ghosts, pictures of ghouls and stories you'd rather leave unread, the internet can often leave you wishing you'd never even started up your computer.

Well, today may well be one of those days as the good people of Tumblr have gone out of their way to scare our pants off with their commentary on some of the most bizarre offerings from the world wide web. Sit down and check out the 7 times Tumblr got seriously sinister:

1. When they showed us what a busted iris looks like

Upon searching more into broken irises (here's a tip for young players: don't ever search 'broken iris' if you value your sleep), I actually found out that the iris above is torn and tears often occur from blunt trauma, yes blunt trauma to the EYE. Never again will I be an irisponsible iris owner.

2. When a Tumblr user posed a question and it got quickly out of hand

Let's just hope we never meet Tumblr user 'fuckinglesbian' on the street, shall we?

3. When someone posted an already spooky photo and others made it scarier

Firstly, just wanted to point out the the entrance to the slide is tombstone shaped, but I'm sure that's purely coincidence...

Secondly, that movie pitch could either produce a totally cute family film or an amazing horror film involving living children being possessed by the spirits of dead children. Not sure which is better, really.

4. When they dropped this super fun fact

This is all kinds of terrifying, right? Well prepare to scare yourself further...

After reading this fact I thought it must be made up, so I googled it and there I stumbled upon a Reddit thread in which someone had pondered the very same thing. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Redditor Talks_about_CogSci actually went out of there way to do some math on the question and surmised that in fact, the average American would probably shake hands, meet or walk past one murderer per year without even knowing it.

Never. Leaving. The. House. Again.

5. When they noticed something truly spooky

Didn't notice him either? Here, let the red circle guide you toward the nightmarish figure....

That's right, we all thought it was just a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man but man, we were wrong.

6. When they had to make a kids' film a little bit creepier

Just look at those cold dead eyes:

7. When they explained this tombstone and taught us something at the same time

As sad as I am that this baby was simply buried under the name 'baby monster,' you have to admit that this is a pretty cool and interesting nugget of info!

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