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Good news, Green Lantern fans!

It seems we may finally know just who'll be playing Green Lantern in the rapidly unfolding DC Cinematic Universe - as well as just which version of the legendary hero we'll be seeing on screen. So, whereas we saw Ryan Reynolds play the second Green Lantern, Hal Jordan in the 2011 movie, it's now looking very much like we're about to see the fourth GL - John Stewart - arrive on the big screen.

The reason?

The actor who's seemingly set to play him totally just revealed his casting...

And, so:

It Sure Seems Like Tyrese Gibson Just Revealed He's the New Green Lantern

After all, he did just post this to Instagram....

And that caption: "The Oath - See You Soon..."?

That's pretty cut-and-dried right there...

All of Which, Crucially, Has Since Been Removed...

Suggesting that while this is obviously far from official - there's been no word yet from Warner Bros. or DC - there's obviously some fire beneath this particular plume of smoke. After all, the removal sure seems to suggest that either Tyrese has been cast, and got a little trigger-happy with his Instagram, or that he's in advanced negotiations, and decided to use social media as a bargaining chip.

What, Though, Does This Mean for Green Lantern?

Well, for one thing, it sure suggests that we're close to getting confirmation of GL's casting - which in turn implies we'll (as the 'unite the seven' Aquaman teaser implied) get the chance to see him briefly in next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It also, though - not least because Tyrese has been vocal about the importance of it on social media - suggests that we'll be seeing the John Stewart iteration of the character, which - seeing as he's awesome - is surely a good thing.

Would Tyrese Be a Good Fit, Though?

Well, while many would perhaps lean towards Idris Elba for the role - his history with Marvel notwithstanding - Tyrese arguably seems as natural a fit for the part as anyone else linked with the role.

After all:

He's Got the Box Office Chops...

Between the Transformers franchise and the Fast and Furious movies, he's starred in a whole lot of the most financially successful (and popular) movies of the past decade - which gives him the sort of brand-awareness and commercial clout that DC seems keen on adding to the DCCU (hence the addition of Will Smith and Jared Leto to Suicide Squad).

He's Got the Acting Experience...

And while that experience may not have ever suggested he has the acting range of, say, the aforementioned Idris Elba, he's certainly proven himself time and time again to be an accomplished action hero, and more than capable of matching the requirements of a role like Green Lantern. Similarly:

He's Got the Superhero Physique...

Which is another huge component for a character required to be wearing a skin-tight bodysuit for much of his screen-time. I'll just leave that image there for anyone who's interested...

So, all-in-all, Tyrese would seem a pretty darned solid fit for the part - the only question now? Will we see confirmation from Warner Bros (or direct from DC) in the next few days?



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