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Mary Falls from Washington D.C. recently put a post on Facebook about everyone's favorite mermaid, and how different her life could have been if one small fact wasn't overlooked. It completely blew my mind.

Okay, so we all know the story... We all know that Ariel is obsessed with becoming a human, and has a vast collection of things she's found, but has no idea how to use. Fork hairbrush, anyone?

Let's Remember What Happened

One night she is looking at a ship with her friends Flounder and Scuttle when she sees the tall, dark and handsome Eric and immediately falls in love.

Then, after saving Eric when his boat capsizes, he falls in love with her singing voice, and she vows to become human so she can see him again. Awwww.

So, off she goes to find Ursula, the sea witch, to get her help.

In trade for her singing voice, Ursula will give Ariel legs for three days, and to stay human Ariel must kiss Eric before sunset on the third day, or she belongs to Ursula.

Ariel signs a contract and becomes human...

Then she must get Eric to kiss her, but Ursula also turns herself into a human and, using Ariel's voice, makes Eric fall in love with her. Sneaky.

So then Eric and Ursula are about to get married, at sunset on the third day! And it's a race against time for Ariel and her friends to convince Eric that she is really his true love, not Ursula and her human form.

Down to the Nitty Gritty

But, hang on, let's rewind this before we get to the happy ending part...

Mary has cleverly spotted one thing that could have changed the whole Ursula bursting out of a wedding dress situation.

Ariel SIGNS the contract, she signs it!

So, she can read and write?! I mean, being a princess she must have gone to all the best sea schools, she has great handwriting, and her and her sisters must have all had music lessons, so it all makes sense!

This means she could have written to Eric explaining everything! But, of course, that would have made for a much shorter movie and wouldn't have been as much fun. We wouldn't have seen them floating in a blue lagoon, and all the near-misses that keep us hanging, but she could have done it!

But as we know, it's Disney, so there's a happy ending where Eric and Ariel get married, and she chooses to have a wedding dress with huge puffball sleeves.

Mind. Blown. Well done, Mary, for pointing that out!

To read the original post look here.

What do you guys think? Is this a valid plot hole in the Little Mermaid? Could Ariel simply have written down what happened so Eric would understand who she was?


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