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Should you have even a sliver of doubt over AMC’s upcoming adaptation of the Preacher comic book series, a recent casting choice may just put you at ease. Whilst the shows protagonist might not have been picked just yet, Deadline have got word that they’ve hired Joe Gilgun to play the Preacher’s blood-sucking best mate, Cassidy.

For those not in the know, [Preacher](movie:1082910) is a superhero scarce tale about Texan holy man, Jesse Custer, who after merging with an half-demon half-angel entity known as Genesis, is blessed with god-like powers. With this recent interaction, Jesse learns the truth about God, and his whereabouts, setting off across America to find the Creator and give him what for on a biblical scale.

Accompanying him on this holy mission, Custer is joined by his ex-girlfriend Tulip (set to be played by Ruth Negga) and Gilgun’s Cassidy, who happens to be a 100-year-old vampire. It’s a perfect fit for the This Is England and Misfits star, who also appeared in the recently released Pride and was one of the few good things about Guy Pearce’s Lockout.

It’s undeniable that Gilgun’s larger than life presence in his previous roles is what won the gig, which will no doubt come in handy for the opinionated, rowdy creature of the night that is always up for a bar fight. Besides this fan favorite character, there will also be an appearance from Ian Colletti, who was recently signed on to take the role of the only character who has a sphincter for a smile, the incredible Arseface.

As for the leading lad, there’s been no solid confirmation on who will take the role of Custer, although Dominic Cooper has been rumored to be in talks for the part. Personally, I don’t really see him as a great fit and would prefer the casting net to be spread a little wider, but for now we can only wait and see if deals are signed and sealed as the production date draws closer, and the greatest comic book tale ever written - there I said it - finally gets realized.

What do you think with the recent cast addition, though? Did you always have someone else in mind? Or could the role of the loud-mouthed vampire be a role Gilgun could really sink his teeth into? Let me know in the comments below.

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