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With all the chatter coalescing on the web regarding the impending Star Wars stand alone features, it's easy to get caught up in the trail of "THEY'D BETTER DO THIS," and the like. But one thing that has crossed my mind recently is, what about a movie from the perspective of the Empire?

"HERACY," a few of you may cry and it's totally understandable. I mean, the Empire are a horrible bunch of bastards, thinking they can swan around the galaxy and rule it with their iron fist and portable, spherical, planet destroying ultra-cannon. But there's one thing we've happily glossed over...

Old but still solid.
Old but still solid.

Despite Stormtroopers being the apex of hilarious cannon fodder, the Empire are people too! They have heroes, we're quite aware of their villains, they mourn their losses and when they get the job done, it's actually quite perturbing how well oiled their totalitarian machine is.

Okay, you may still have your reasons for disagreeing, but a mere few days ago, animator Paul Johnson released his stunning homage to the legendary Lucasarts PC game TIE Fighter, and it is literally one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

The short is animated in a style not seen since the great Japanese animes of the '80s, and, in all of its intensely detailed glory, shows a deep space battle between the Rebel Alliance and the humanized Empire. It is incredible, it really is.

So watch it:

See what I mean? I literally think this might be the first time I recall the Empire being humanized.

Have you seen it yet? Yes, no? Well, you know what's coming next...

Tiny Breakdown!

Or more of a quick look, because it is seven minutes after all!

Force Sensitive

To think that one man drew and animated this himself, over a span of four years, is mind-boggling!

Hey There, Flyboy

Imagine a Star Wars series like this existed in the eighties?!


Seriously, Disney, I think you need to hire Johnson pretty sharpish!

The guy is a true talent, and even went a step further to create intricately detailed bios for each character seen in the short, which you can peep at if you continue to scroll downwards:

Commander Gaunt

Flight Lieutenant Ada

Petty Office Neel

Wing Commander Rosh

Plus a little info on how the short was made:

And, because Paul Johnson's TIE Fighter is the gift that keeps on giving, here's the brilliant short's brilliant poster:

Whoa, man, seriously... that was way too cool! I hope to see more of Johnson's art and his ridiculous work ethic here again soon. But, after seeing the short, a Star Wars standalone movie about the men and women of the Empire suddenly doesn't seem so crazy, does it?

If you liked what you saw, get over to Johnson's YouTube and DeviantArt and, you know, give him a digital hi-5 or something.

(Source: YouTube)


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