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Director Roland Emmerich continues to round up his Independence Day cast members for a $140 million alien invasion reunion, the latest addition being the first movie's scantily clad seductress, Vivica A. Fox!

For those who don't remember (it's been almost 20 years, after all), Fox played Jasmine - the wife of cigar-chomping fighter pilot, Steven Hiller (Will Smith).

Today we celebrate Vivica A. Fox’s Independence Day

Emmerich announced the American actress's involvement via Twitter, posting the following celebratory picture:

Don't the two look cute together? Fox echoed the director's excitement, uploading a visual medley of her highlights from the first film:

The exotic dancer's unforgettable stripper routine absolutely floored me back in 1996, though we can only wonder as to whether she'll take to the pole again. One thing is for sure: the 50-year-old is just as stunning as ever!

Who else is on board?

Image credit: Indie Wire
Image credit: Indie Wire

The long awaited sequel will mark the return of Jeff Goldblum as computer whiz David Levinson. New for the sequel are Charlotte Gainsbourg and Liam Hemsworth, the latter of which is rumored to play the son-in-law of President Whitmore.

However, the most startling casting development continues to be the absence of franchise figurehead Will Smith, who's currently MIA on the project. Regardless of Smith's involvement (or lack thereof), relative newcomer Jessie Usher is set to play his son, meaning Fox won't be abandoned by all her family members just yet.

They already blew up The White House - what next?

I'm getting giddy just thinking about how Emmerich and his team plan to top the epic scale of destruction on show in the first movie! Independence Day deservedly picked up an Oscar for Best Visual Effects, and it's no wonder with scenes like this:

And remember, this was back in the mid-90s; can you imagine the earth-shattering annihilation they'll be able to accomplish on screen with modern day technology?! This one is going to be more than worth the 20 year wait!

Independence Day 2 will arrive in theaters on June 24, 2016.


Do they need Will Smith to make this movie right?


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