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So the concept of a doll is to give a child a mini-human to play with. They can dress them, take care of them, and give them lots of love and cuddle them at night.

These dolls, however, I'm not so sure I would have wanted tucked into bed with me as a child....

1. Egyptian Doll

This doll's hair is actually made from real human hair, has really scary eyes, and no legs. But it was the Egyptian times ok?! I think this makes for a great effort.

2. 16th century German Doll

She looks pretty pissed at something, maybe it's the fact she has no hands to apply her eyeliner properly.

3. Japanese Ball Doll

So this doll was made to help children understand childbirth. And it's weirding me out.

4. English Doll, 1800s

You work them eyebrows.

5. Man and Wife

Is it me, or do they look like twins?!

6. Rosie

Want to play, Rosie?

Bitch, please.

7. Blue Eyes!

Ok, so were getting somewhere now. This doll from the 1920s looks more lifelike... still resembles Chucky from Childs Play a bit though.

8. Rubber Doll

Ok, so in the 1950s it seemed to backpedal a bit. This doll is made of rubber. But it's kind of cute?!

9. Baby Laugh a Lot

Let me introduce you to the horror that is baby laugh. So the doll rocks backhand forth while laughing. Doesn't sound creepy?

Watch this.

10. Pregnant Midge

Midge is Barbie's best friend. She's married to Alan and they're having a baby!

But this doll caused lots of controversy. This was because Midge is sold separate from Alan and wasn't wearing a wedding ring! SHOCK!

This caused some people to think the doll promoted teen pregnancy.

I'd be more worried about the magnetic stomach with the baby inside, that might cause some confusion!

So there you have it, a list of peculiar dolls.

And here's a doll with the best resting bitch face I've ever seen, just because she's great!


Which is your favorite?


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