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Though practically unheard of today, just a century ago tuberculosis (or TB, for short) was one of the most dangerous viruses ever known to humankind. The bacterial infection, which can spread through the lymph nodes and bloodstream to any organ in your body, was fatal.

TB wards sprang up (often within psychiatric hospitals) all across America housing the country's sickest and most desperate people. Thousands never made it out of them alive.

Thankfully (for people in privileged developed countries, at least), a vaccination was discovered and nowadays most people are inoculated against it at birth.

What happened to all of those macabre TB wards? Some were demolished, some were converted, but the one I'm about to show you became one of the scariest and most infamous abandoned buildings in the world.

This is The Ridges in Athens, Ohio. The building was first used as psychiatric ward and later used to treat tuberculosis patients.

The building now belongs to Ohio University but they have yet to renovate it.

The ward overlooks several cemeteries which are said to be haunted by Civil War veterans who were sent there suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

As more and more people were admitted to the hospital, often for matters of convenience by their families rather than legitimate mental health issues, the hospital became overcrowded. The Ridges then became notorious for inhumane conditions and abuses of patients by the staff.

One of terrifying legends who are said to haunt The Ridges is that of Margaret Schilling. Her body was found in early 1979, a year after she went missing. Apparently she'd been playing hide-and-seek with some of the nurses who then forgot to look for her. She never left her hiding spot. Her body is said to have left a perfect impression on the floor that is still visible today. *Shivvers*

There was a brief period after it was used as a TB ward in which the building housed a nursery school. Imagine sending your kids to this place every day!

Passing students have reported hearing somebody playing the old pianos that still remain in the building late at night.

The Ridges officially closed down in 1993. It has remained abandoned ever since.

People in developing countries still suffer from the crippling tuberculosis virus. Click here for more information about how you can help fight it.

Source: Viral Nova


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