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When Suits season 4 came to a dramatic end, Donna decided that it was time to make a change, and left Harvey in need of a new right-hand man/woman.

Here are my top 5 picks for potential replacements for Donna. While no one will have the style, flair and chemistry that Donna brought to Harvey's office, hopefully Suits season 5 will see an exciting new edition to the Pearson Specter Litt offices.

1. Lloyd Lee (Rex Lee) from Entourage

Lloyd was the perfect assistant for Ari Gold in [Entourage](movie:631753) . He was patient, committed and, just like Radar in M*A*S*H, he seemed to have a sixth sense for when trouble was about to strike.

Harvey isn't quite at the same level of 'Horrible Boss' worthy status as Ari, but he does require someone that will set him straight when he gets a little out of sorts. Donna would often need to gently influence Harvey's actions, and a secretary like Lloyd would be similarly suitable for him.

2. Jonathan (Maulik Pancholy) in 30 Rock

Jack Donaghy's assistant in [30 Rock](series:200489) was totally devoted to his boss. Sometimes to his own detriment, but that never put him off.

Not only did he sing to Jack, he even made him this beautiful gift.

Jonathan would be the perfect assistant for Harvey
Jonathan would be the perfect assistant for Harvey

Given Harvey's abandonment issues, that we just learned stem from his mother's decision to leave his father for another man, someone as loyal and loving as Jonathan would perfectly balance out Harvey's neurotic commitment phobia and his fear that everyone he loves will leave him.

3. Kitty Sanchez (Judy Greer) from Arrested Development

Kitty would spice things up on Suits
Kitty would spice things up on Suits

In a show full of lovable, hopeless characters, whenever Kitty popped up in [Arrested Development](movie:38917) fans knew not to expect the Bleuth company secretary to behave very professionally.

To help Harvey get over the loss of Donna, maybe he needs to hire someone as 'free' and distracting as Kitty! While her work may not be up to scratch, as a temporary alternative she may be suitable.

4. Secretary McCord (Téa Leoni) from Madam Secretary

Or Harvey could go in the opposite direction and hire someone even more competent as the brilliant Donna.

Téa Leoni has been playing the US Secretary of State for the past year on CBS political drama [Madam Secretary](series:1226020) , and while her first season in the role is not yet complete, she seems to be doing an OK job.

Having been a spy in a former life, Secretary McCord can be trusted with secrets and when baddies try to cross her, she knows just what to do.....just like Donna always did.

5. Peggy Olson (Elizabeth Moss) from Mad Men

Peggy is now no longer simply an object of attention from the men in the office (although things were getting pretty steamy between her and Ted last season), but we should all look back at season 1 and see how hard she worked to become the perfect secretary for Don Draper on Mad Men .

She was diligent, showed initiative and tried her best to dress to impress - although never did and never will compare with Joan or Donna!

Who do you think Harvey needs to hire in season 5 of [Suits](series:722536) to add something special to the show? Who would make a suitable replacement for Donna, now that she has gone off to work for Louis? What are you most excited about for season 5?


Are you looking forward to see Suits season 5 in Summer 2015?


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