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So. The Thing.

If there's one mystery about the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot more in need of answering than any other, it's him. After all, we've so far had hints, and brief glimpses, but very little in the way of an actual first look at one of Marvel's most legendary heroes in his new cinematic guise.

And, from the looks of it, we may have to wait a little longer for a full and complete picture of just what we can expect to see on screen - but in the meantime, we've now got our hands on two images that, between them, give us our best look at The Thing yet.

First up, a new, shiny, HD poster for the movie...

Which, though awesome, is a strikingly similar image to the one we saw in January's first full trailer (which you can check out below)...

...just with a higher level of detail. It does, however, give us our best look yet at the texture and general presence of The Thing.

For a full-on, full frontal look at the hero, though, we need to head to Brazil, and an intrepid Instagrammer named Albertoheineken26:

#Me #LastNight #Cine #Cinepolis #Multiplaza #Poster #Fantasticfour #Comingsoon #SoExcited

A photo posted by Sir. Alberto (@albertoheineken26) on

Who, it seems, has given us our first - admittedly blurry - look at The Thing head on - one which is...actually a whole lot more faithful to the comics than a lot of people had feared.

Meanwhile, actor Miles Teller, set to play Reed Richards (a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic) in the movie, has hinted at just how tonally gritty and dark the movie may end up being in an interview with Moviefone:

"When I saw the sizzle trailer, that was the first I had seen of it. I saw that at the same time as everyone else, literally. I was excited about it. Because when you're shooting a movie you can kind of get a sense of the tone of it from the director and how they're directing it, but in terms of how you shoot it, the lighting and everything, you're not aware of it. Because I'm just in a scene and I'm talking to another actor but the way he's seeing it in his head, where it's grittier or darker, I'm not acting grittier or darker. All that stuff comes in with the edit. So I'm excited by it. All the actors are really interesting in those parts and it should be fun. I hope people go on that ride with us. Because we're making it our own, we're taking a lot from the "Ultimate Fantastic Four" but I think we're humanizing these characters in a way that's never been done."

Which very much does seem to imply that we're set for a pretty darned dark and gritty version of the FF this time around...

What do you think, though?

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