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(Warning, potential SPOILERS for next week's episode of The Flash lie below...)

Wondering just what we're set to see in next week's episode of The Flash?

Well, wonder no more - and get ready for some seriously Star Wars-infused geekery, because Mark Hamill is coming, and he's bringing one of his most iconic on-screen roles with him.

That's right - The Trickster is back, and this time, he's got company.

Specifically, a youthful copycat using his classic codename, who prompts Barry to meet Hamill's original - James Jesse - to find out more about the new threat. Which, predictably, doesn't go well for The Flash, as the newly released trailer for the episode (which you can see below) reveals:

Now, one of the most intriguing parts of Hamill's upcoming appearance is the fact that the episode seems very much set to reference (repeatedly) his last time starring as The Trickster...way back in 1990's original The Flash TV series.

Especially since the then Flash, John Wesley Shipp, is now playing Barry's dad Henry on the modern version of the show. Which, it seems, is itself going to be referenced, with Hamill's Trickster kidnapping Henry during the episode's proceedings, and forcing the Flash to run...indefinitely.

One interesting thing to consider, though - should Hamill's guest appearance prove as popular as it seems all-but guaranteed to - is the fact that, historically, Trickster hasn't always been a villain. Sure, he's one of The Flash's oldest and most persistent opponents, but that doesn't mean he hasn't flirted with the other side of the moral spectrum every now and then.

Could we, at some point, even see The Trickster 'come good,' and help out The Flash against a greater, Harrison Wells-shaped foe? And then, presumably, revert right back to being a bad guy again...

Season 2, anyone?

What do you reckon, though?



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