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In the first poster released for the American remake of Martyrs, The Goetz Brothers declare that it is "the ultimate horror movie." The directing duo have been pretty tight-lipped about the film's status, despite the fact that it has already completed filming.

Based on the 2008 French film of the same name, Martyrs follows two girls, Anna and Lucie, who meet in an orphanage after Lucie is kidnapped and brutally tortured. Almost ten years later, Lucie is determined to get her revenge on the family that tormented her, and the protective Anna accompanies her. What they discover at the family's home unravels any truth they ever knew.

This month, we've finally gotten our first impression of how it will look with these promotional stills via Dread Central. The first shows [Pretty Little Liars ](series:201848) star Troian Bellisario wielding a knife amid what seems to be a burning home.

Based strictly on this image, Bellisario appears to be playing the role of Anna, who is so devoted to her friend that she follows her into a pit of revenge and despair that could spell the end for both of them.

The next image, released this week, shows a woman tied to a pole in a burning building. It's definitely a little more upsetting than the first photo, but we still haven't seen the level of gruesomeness that this movie is promising.

Now, the French film is one of my favorite horror movies of all time, but I'm having trouble figuring out a couple of things. Firstly, I don't remember there being any fire at all in the movie, so the Goetz brothers must be trying to up the ante in what is already a pretty extreme premise.

Secondly, I can't figure out which actress is in the second image. My first guess was Bailey Noble, who I'd imagine is playing Lucie, but it just doesn't look anything like her. She could be another one of the young girls who gets tortured, but, again, this setting just doesn't look strikingly familiar to me.

As with any remake, there could be many changes coming our way, but I'm a guy that loves to speculate. I'm waiting for the images that really tie this movie to the original that I know and love.

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