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So, yeah, Auralnauts put together a complete kill-count for Sylvester Stallone. In other words, they went ahead and pieced together every kill from his long and illustrious career as a world-class bad-ass. The product of this tireless effort is just as amazing as you might expect, going for 35 minutes and tallying up a total of 539 kills.

For reference, that's 30 more kills than the Governator, aka Arnold Schwarzenegger (the Auralnauts did one for him as well). Sadly, Arnold "only" racked up 509 in his career, also a solid feat but not in Sly territory.

So, here it is! 35 minutes of Sly Stallone carnage.

This is a case where I actually think the commentary adds a lot. Often, I watch videos where the group of people commenting aren't on the same page, or are annoying, but I'm pretty sure you'll agree these guys are entertaining and help fill in the blanks for all of these kills.

After watching this, you might feel like you just took steroids - or, at the very least you now truly realize how big of a bad-ass Sylvester Stallone is. If you didn't know before, now you do.

(Via: Sploid)


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