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Stephen Adamson

Remember the iconic Matrix lobby scene with Neo and Trinity? Well, a fan (Snooperking, who's information and credits are below) has reimagined the scene through LEGO characters... it's well worth the watch. Check out the original scene below.

And, prepare to have your world flipped upside down here... this is the same clip, LEGOfied! Just so you know who the talented individual is behind this, it's Snooperking on YouTube, you can find them on Facebook here, and Twitter here.

Check it below... it's incredible.

I can't believe how good this is. All elements too, I mean the animation is stellar, the timing is perfect, the effects are magnificent, it stayed true to the scene... the attention to detail is what makes this so impressive to me.

What did you think about the LEGO version of the Matrix Lobby Scene?



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