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Ever since I saw Return of the Jedi's breathtaking speeder chase through the forests of Endor, I've consistently fantasized about owning my very own Imperial hover bike.

It seems Boston-based Google hardware engineer, Adam Woodworth, had the same thought too, using his technical prowess to manufacture a fully-functioning, RC-controlled speeder of his own - and it's even better than I could've imagined! It's no wonder Google were so keen so snap up this resourceful genius.

Woodworth took the base of a standard Hasbro-made Speeder Bike toy which looks like this:

And then turned it into this:

Yep, it's totally what you think it is: a homemade remote controlled bike of badassery, equipped with a first-person-view camera to get you right down in the action - just like in the films!

Woodworth made a number of modifications, adding four 7″ rotors, driven by 880kv 28mm motors. You can check out an in depth breakdown of the construction process here. And be sure to watch the kick-ass speeder in action below:

If that wasn't cool enough, the technical wizard says he has plans to modify a few other toy vehicles:

I’ve also got plans for a few of the other Hasbro vehicles.

[Source: MakeZine]


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