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Kylie Jenner is only 17-years-old and, while most parents want to prevent their children from growing up to quickly, her mother Kris has other ideas.

Recently, the younger Jenner sister has been boasting a rather risque new look and all over the world, she is being hailed a style icon and sex symbol (despite being underage!).

Kris and her daughters
Kris and her daughters

However, it appears that this hot new look is in fact Kris's long-term master plan to cash-in on turning her youngest daughter into one of the sexiest women on the planet. As soon as Kylie turns 18, her mother wants her to pose for one of the most famous magazines in the world.

Is Kylie going to pose for Playboy?

While nothing has been confirmed yet, it has been revealed that there is one pre-requisite to the shoot if Kylie is ever to grace the cover of the infamous men's magazine.

That is, if Kris is nowhere near the photo shoots when it happens.

A source at Playboy claims:

“[Kris Jenner] was a complete pain in the [butt] at Kim’s shoot. She was in everyone’s business, from the make-up artist to the photographer. If any Kardashian sister was invited to pose, we would gladly work with them on one condition…NO Kris Jenner on the premises!”

Oops! It appears that Mama Jenner has a tendency to get a bit ahead of herself in promoting her daughters. Being hailed as a nightmare to work with is certainly not going to do her, or her Kardashian clan, any favors.

Kylie wants a modeling career

Yet, despite these hurdles, and considering her older sister Kendall already has a successful modeling career, it is no surprise that Kylie wants to spark one up too.

Apparently, another source reported that:

“Kylie just doesn’t have the look for runway modeling, but Kris promised to help get her a modeling career too, they’re just going in a different direction. Kylie’s going to be the sexy one. She’s even planning to pose for Playboy once she’s old enough and her mom will arrange that deal too.”

Perhaps Kylie will follow more in the footsteps of Kim, the sex siren sister who is too small for modeling but who also graced the cover of Playboy back in 2007.

We can only hope that Kris doesn't get too in the way and send her big dreams come crumbling down.

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