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Doug Jones has already signed on to become Deathbolt in an upcoming episode of Arrow, but now it seems like he could be an instrumental member in further establishing the Arrow/The Flash crossover universe.

Jones, who is perhaps best known for his contributions to Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy, tweeted an image which suggested he could soon be taking on The Flash as well as the Green Arrow. Check it out below:

Currently, Jones is down to appear as Deathbolt on the April 15th episode of Arrow, however his tweet also suggest he is due to appear in an episode of The Flash several weeks later, perhaps suggesting a story-arc which involves both heroes.

Clearly, this implies he is able to escape the clutches of our heroic marksman at least once, but the big question is, will the Green Arrow also be heading across to The Flash to take on Deathbolt together?

Source: LatinoReview


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