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James Wan who has directed many great horror movies over the years may just be in line for a DC movie. His recent movie Furious 7 has gotten good reviews and he is lining up his next projects. Though nothing is confirmed for him in the DC universe he states he is open to the idea. This is what the director had to say to Collider:

“Yeah it’s weird. Continuing that family tradition, [Warner Bros. is] like that and it’s almost like they’re very old school in that respect, which you don’t see much of anymore...There are some that I like… I am open to all possibilities at this point.”

The rumor that he would be doing a DC movie started from New Line COO and president Toby Emmerich who said Wan “will make an important movie for New Line and Warner Bros. or DC,” which was part of his deal in doing Conjuring 2.

Now for the rumors on what movie he would helm. Considering his horror background, its been mentioned he would be the perfect director to pull together Guillermo del Toro's Dark Justice League movie. Another rumor says that he could helm a reboot for Green Lantern. While these are just rumors, I would be very happy to see DC take a horror approach with one of their films. Marvel is already gearing up their first quasi-horror film with Doctor Strange, it only makes sense for DC to get into the game with one also.

What would you wanna see James Wan direct?


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