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5. Wonder Woman - She, as we all know, is unbelievably Hot And Powerful. Since my Justice League days I have fancied her. Whenever someone asks me about my take of a perfect girl, I use to picture none other than Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is actually a warrior princes of the Amazons, where she is known as Princess Daina.

4. Ninja Turtles - Ninja Turtles' live action TV series (1997-1998) was a full on entertainer for me. Though it was not that highly rated, I was really fond of this shot lived series. I find all the characters of Ninja Turtles absolutely great, let it be Leonardo (Blue Masked), Donatello (Purple Masked), Raphael (Red Masked), Michelangelo (Orange Masked) and even Splinter (Master of the Turtles).

3. Spider-Man - Spider-Man has always been amongst my all time favourite Superheros, ever. I use to wrap up all my work, which includes my studies, before the start of the Spider-Man cartoon series.
The thing that I love most about Spider Man is him being so simple and down to earth even though he possesses such powers.

2. Batman - He was, as far I remember, my first Super Hero whom I looked up too. He according to me is one of the best, as he don't have any fancy super powers but he has the intellect to make and execute his plans, the mental and physical training and obviously "the money", which makes him fully capable of challenging any Super Hero/Super Villain out there and that has even been shown in many of the Justice League books and cartoons, where most of the time he is the lone saviour of the whole League.

1. Iron-Man - That technology. That Suit. That blunt, sarcastic, witty way of speaking, reminds me of 'Me', and that is not the cartoons or the comics I am talking about, it's all Robert Downey Jr. And hell yeah, Iron-Man is totally on the top of my Super-Hero's list. I have never been that fond of Iron-Man during the cartoon days, but since the entry of the Iron-Man film series, I have become a hardcore Iron-Man fan. The way Iron-Man's character has been portrayed is just amazing. He is smart, intelligent, witty, a ladies man and on top of that a billionaire and with that suit of his, it's just breathtaking.

Honourable Mention:

Super-Man - Always on top of mostly everybody's list of Superheros. He is one of the most powerful superhero. If we come to comparing him with others of his kind then, he is as powerful as Hulk and as fast as Flash and he can even fly. Oh man! That is a deadly combination to have.

The Flash - The fastest man on planet Earth. He is one of the most relaxed Superhero you will see. Flash's character is very light, simple, who has a sense of humor and is very good at fighting crimes too.

Deadpool - The wittiest superhero ever made. He is smart and fights crime in the most hilarious way you can imagine.


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