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Michael Laskaris

No, this isn’t about the "real" Jim Morrison; no, it isn’t a faithful depiction of the eponymous band; no, all of the stuff portrayed on screen didn’t really happen…but so what? Here, in Oliver Stone’s feral film, The Doors serve as archetypal caricatures representing another time and place (look at what Peter Schaffer did with Mozart in “Amadeus”). Once we recognize what this film is (rather than what it is not), we can succumb to its hypnotic allure: stunning, hallucinogenic visuals (cinematographer Robert Richardson is in top-form here), fabulous make-up and costumes (Andy Warhol, Nico and Truman Capote make cartoonish appearances), and great performances (Val Kilmer is uncanny as Morrison). It’s a wild exercise in style that paints a dark elegy of a lost decade…and there’s sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll…and hey man, at the end of the day, it’s a great flick. One of the great films of the 90s.


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