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No: 5 Captain America

cap is the ideal of what every American should aim to be. He's smart, dedicated, and willing to sacrifice all for the greater good.

No: 4 Ben 10

although he doesn't make the most our of the omnitrix, he does his best to be the greatest superhero possible despite not always being able to use the omnitrix the way he wants.

No: 3 Miles Morales: Ultimate spiderman

this was a hard one as he is pretty much tied for first and second. He is my second favorite spiderman. I love that he is a normal guy who lacks the scientific genius of Peter Parker, yet still manages to pull through every difficult challenge he faces. Minus the Superior Spiderman, Miles is the perfect replacement for Peter Parker and is still the embodiment of the everyman.

No: Batman

First I just have to throw this out there, batman can only beat superman in situational battles where superman isn't aware or it nor actually trying to kill him. That aside , I love batman's dedication and commitment to the mission before all else. In the DC universe he is a necessity and his paranoia and questionable mental stability along with his contingency plans for every hero is exactly what the world needs. He has a genius level intellect that I feel isn't highlighted enough.

1: Peter Parker: The Amazing Spiderman

What's not to love about a geeky science prodigy turned superhero? He lives a difficult life of the average American and still uses his powers for the good of his fellow man. His humor is great, but I love most of all his genius and ingenuity, he has overcome enemies who have been "superior", by using his brain and not just relying on his strength.


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