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Brooklyn-based yoga practitioner, writer/editor and self-educated film buff.
Michael Laskaris

I’m among the minority of folks who think this is a fabulous film. It cannot be compared to “The Silence of the Lambs”, nor should it be. It’s less of a thriller, more of a fable. Julianne Moore gives one of the best performances of her career and contrary to popular backlash, she is not filling any shoes here. Yes, Jodie Foster was brilliant, but so is Moore – she makes the role her own and it’s unfair to compare her to Foster. Ridley Scott (who I’m usually on the fence about) does a fabulous job directing. Hans Zimmer’s moody score is gorgeous. The script, editing and camerawork are all razor sharp. It’s an operatic grotesquerie that recognizes (and revels in) its ostentatiousness. It’s sadly underrated, but it’s actually one of the best films of the 00s.


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