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Brooklyn-based yoga practitioner, writer/editor and self-educated film buff.
Michael Laskaris

Just re-watched for the first time since seeing it in theatres, and it’s aging nicely. The characters are despicable; the story it’s ugly. It’s riveting, but not enjoyable…and that’s the whole point. It’s a gritty odyssey flecked with phlegm and wrapped in burlap, framed in Robert Elswit’s raw camerawork and powered by the explosive (if not overblown) performances from Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano. P.T. Anderson is a young composer of “too many notes,” but he does have remarkable talent and remains one of the strongest auteurs of his generation; I can’t wait until he gets older. I’m hesitant to pat this one on the back, but I’ll submit–it’s a great (and at times brilliant) film. It’s so self-indulgent that it works.


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