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Brooklyn-based yoga practitioner, writer/editor and self-educated film buff.
Michael Laskaris

I almost forgot how amazing this is. DAMN. This is great filmmaking. It rocked back when it first came out, but now, almost a decade later, it spits fire. I mean, Boston + Scorsese + Jack + Leo + Matt + Mark + Martin = as good as it gets. AND, as a purebred Bostonian, I can attest that the accents are pretty damn good (or at least passable) and the city is well used (although I wanted more). The script is brilliant, the editing snappy, camera work sharp, and Howard Shore’s tango is perfect. It’s a remarkably tight and refreshing turn for Marty, but his familiar hand never leaves a frame. My head spun. And let me just say that “Good Will Hunting,” “The Boondock Saints,” and “Mystic River” can suck my ba$%s. This is THE Boston flick. Now go fakh yah mutha.


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