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With Spider-Man heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe,everyone is curious about the character's involvement with Marvel Studios. All that we know is that Sony and Marvel plan to introduce the character in the MCU starting with [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409). Then the Spider-Man franchise gets another reboot in July of 2017 with a younger Spider-Man. Most of the information is tangled in rumors, so there is much for fans to speculate about; such as who will play Spider-Man? However, perhaps an even greater question deals not with Spider-Man himself, but his antagonists. Spider-Man houses one of the most iconic rogues gallery in not just Marvel Comics, but comic books in general. While some of Spider-Man's villains are better then others, there is no denying that the Web Head has a variety of villains to choose from.

Since 2002 The Spider-Man films have seen a variety of opponents for the Web Head; such as Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, The Lizard, Electro, Sandman and of course Venom. Even with Spidey's arch enemies making their film debuts, there are plenty of villains that have yet to make a cinematic appearance. So which villain would be fitting for Marvel's Spider-Man? As I said, Spider-Man has plenty of villains; but here are some I would like to see play a role in the upcoming movies. To be fair, I have decided on keeping villains who have made an appearance in the movies out of this list; with on exception. Whether these villains are the main antagonist or a secondary villain, these are the rogues I would like to see in Marvel's Spider-Man.

Kingpin (Honorable Mention)

This is an honorable mention as this crime lord is the main antagonist to Daredevil. However, I would love to see Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin play a role in the next Spider-Man film. Though Kingpin is an enemy to Daredevil, this crime lord is known for antagonizing the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. I cannot see Kingpin playing a direct role in the movie, but I could see him being in league with villain in the 2017 blockbuster; especially if the antagonist is connected to the underworld of New York. The best thing is that getting Kingpin to appear would not be hard as Marvel has their Wilson Fisk in the form of Vincent D'Onofrio; who will be debuting as the character the Netflix series [Daredevil](movie:47230). Again, I don't see Kingpin playing a major role in Spider-Man, but I would like to see the Web Slinger get acquainted with the iconic crime boss.

The Vulture

Perhaps a good choice to be the first villain for this lineup of Spider-Man films should be the first villain that Spider-Man faced in the comics. Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture, has been a long time enemy of Spider-Man. Vulture has faced the wall crawler on several occasions; both solo and a part of the Sinister Six. Vulture has been anxious to make a film appearance for sometime now. He was speculated to be the villain for Spider-Man 4, and he was going to make an appearance in The Amazing Series as his wings were teased in [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593). If Vulture is the main villain in Marvel's Spider-Man, it could be tricky to pull off. While Toomes is an iconic enemy for Spider-Man, he is not at the caliber of a Green Goblin or a Doctor Octopus. The best use of Vulture would be to use him as an introductory enemy for Spider-Man; which would open the door for other rogues to make an appearance. With Vulture's ability dealing with flight, a cinematic incarnation of the character could have many great fx shots; which could lead to some dynamic fights between Vulture and Spider-Man. Though he may not be at the caliber of a Goblin, Vulture making an appearance in a Spider-Man film is one that is long overdue.

Kraven the Hunter

Sergei Kravinoff has been a major thorn in Spider-Man's side for years as the notorious mercenary: Kraven the Hunter. Kraven has been obsessed with hunting Spider-Man which has made him a formidable opponent for the hero. Fans have awaited an appearance from Kraven in the movies. The character was even speculated to appear in the Sinister Six spin-off. Yet bringing Kraven to the silver screen is no easy feat. The character is no doubt interesting, but could Kraven be the main antagonist to a Spider-Man movie? My answer to that is no. Having Kraven in a film is great, but it is hard for me to see him being the only threat of a whole movie. If anything I could see Kraven with another villain; particularly another mercenary. I could see Kraven being hired by say The Kingpin to take out Spider-Man. If Kraven were a part of a bigger scheme, I could see that working for a cinematic appearance for the hunter. Aside from that issue, Kraven in a movie could lead to some great action sequences that blend spectacle with fight choreography. Though his direction could difficult, Kraven could make for a great character in Marvel's Spider-Man and he could be a different kind of antagonist.


This is definitely an obscure choice for a movie villain. Abe Jenkins was just an average mechanic. That was until he decided to turn to a life of crime, built a suit of armor and became The Beetle. Though Beetle started his villainous career antagonizing The Fantastic Four, he would find himself at constant odds with a certain wall crawling superhero. To say Beetle is not a well known villain in Spider-Man's rogues gallery in an understatement. In fact the first time I took notice of him was the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man. However, it is that obscurity that could work in favor for Beetle if he were to get a movie debut. I think there are two options to bring Beetle to the silver screen. Beetle could be like his Ultimate incarnation and be a mercenary for hire. Much like Kraven, Beetle could be used as someone hunting down Spider-Man and play a part in a bigger plot for the villains. While he is not a popular choice, I think Beetle could make for a different kind of villain for a Spider-Man movie and it could benefit him as well as newcomers to the Spider-Man franchise.


I've always like the character of Scorpion; well more so the concept oppose to the character himself. Scorpion, aka Matt Gargan, has been a prominent villain in Spider-Man's rogues gallery. This is a character that has gone through several changes over years. He has even been a host to the Venom Symbiote. Needless to say, bringing Scorpion the big screen would be easier said then done. My thought is that Scorpion would have a complete reimagining for a film appearance. A movie version of Scorpion could keep similar concepts to the characters, but it could do something new with the character like making him younger (that is if Peter will be in high school). Taking a page from Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man, Scorpion could be the type of the villain that reflects Peter's power and how he got them. That would make sense given that both character get their abilities from arachnids. If that were the case then Scorpion would definitely be fitting to be villain in the upcoming film; that is if the film is exploring Peter's origins. In any case, while he may not be the most interesting characters in the comics, I think a film adaption of Scorpion could do much for the character when it comes to relevancy.

Alistair Smythe/The Spider Slayers

Here is another villain that can be considered obscure in light of the public; unless you are like me and you grew up with Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Alistair Smythe, son of Spencer Smythe, is a brilliant scientist who continued his father's work with the creation of the Spider-Slayers. The slayers' task is fairly simple: destroy Spider-Man. Over the years, there have been a variety of Spider-Slayers in the comics; including Alistair Smythe who transforms himself into a cyborg in order to defeat Spider-Man. While he may not be one of the most iconic villains for Spider-Man, Alistair Smythe would definitely make an interesting enemy in the upcoming film. If we are dealing with a Spider-Man that is already established, then the slayers would fit perfectly in that premise as they could be used to eradicate the wall crawler before he becomes a major threat to the underworld of New York. This could also culminate to Alistair Smythe transforming by the end of the film to challenge Spider-Man himself. That scenario may seem a bit cliched, but it could be effective. Plus, I can imagine the designs that the filmmakers could play with when creating the spider-slayers. It would be risky move for Smythe and his Spider-Slayers to be the villains in Marvel's Spider-Man, but I would love to see what the studios would do with this mad scientist.


In every medium, be it film or television, you can be sure that Spider-Man will come face to face with his arch enemy: the Green Goblin. Green Goblin has already appeared on the big screen as both Norman Osborne and Harry Osborne. While some may find it daunting, it is likely that Green Goblin will be antagonizing Spider-Man in theaters before we know it. However, perhaps there is a different approach to introducing Spider-Man's arch nemesis; and that is establishing another Goblin: The Hobgoblin. The mantle of the Hobgoblin has been donned by many characters over the years, but there is no denying the impact this character has with Spider-Man fans. If Hobgoblin were to be Spider-Man's first villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then the filmmakers would have handle his origins differently. In the comics, the appearance to Hobgoblin came after the introduction to Green Goblin when Roderick Kingsley stole both the tech and the serum that created the Goblin. Then again, changing a character's origins is nothing for superhero films; plus Hobgoblin has been introduced prior to Green Goblin's appearance (thanks again to Spider-Man: The Animated Series). For movie adaption, perhaps Hobgoblin could be the prototype to Green Goblin. Norman Osborne could hire Roderick Kingsley to be his test subject/henchmen, and seeing how Goblin Serum effects Kingsley, Norman could begin working on a better formula; which then transforms him into the iconic villain. Despite being a stepping stone to the real enemy, I think Hobgoblin would be great to see in the upcoming Spider-Man movie as it could bring something new to the Goblin cinematic story.


Here is the one exception. This character needs no introduction as [Venom](movie:372411) has been one of the most iconic villains in Spider-Man's rogues gallery. While the character has gone from being a villain to a anti-hero and has many character changes, there is no denying how prominent Venom (or better yet the Venom symbiote) is to the story of Spider-Man. I would love to see Venom play a bigger role in the new Spider-Man film. There are number of ways to do it. Let's say Peter Parker is already Spider-Man. Maybe in this upcoming film, he gains the symbiote and spends most of the film with it. He manages to get rid of the alien suit by the end; but the symbiote finds a new host in the form of Eddie Brock. This leads to Eddie transforming into Venom and becoming the main antagonist for the next film. Another way to go about it is not having the venom symbiote in the 2017 film, but the movie still introduces Eddie Brock. If that were the case, then the Spider-Man films could built up Eddie and his inevitable change into Venom. With Venom being an established character, this could give the film series an arcing plot that could be used help with the story of Spider-Man, and give Venom his long overdue spin-off film. Venom is definitely a broad choice to go with when it comes to movie villains, but there is no denying the importance of bringing this nemesis to the silver screen.

Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a brand new day (sorry Spidey fans) for the Wall Crawler, and with his introduction to the MCU comes a number of possibilities for his rogues gallery. It is unclear which direction Marvel and Sony will go into when it comes to the villains of Spider-Man. Perhaps they will introduce Venom first, or maybe the studios will go build towards the Sinister Six. It is anyone's guess at the moment. I can only hope that the studios takes this opportunity to establish the enemies of Spider-Man, both iconic and unknown.

Which villain would you like to see in the upcoming movie? Comment below on the Spider-Man villain you would like to see and why. Marvel's Spider-Man hits theaters on July 2017.


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