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iZombie has hit us with a nice premiere episode in which the whole zombie "breakout" starts and she gets scratched. Later in that episode, we see that for every brain she gets new visions. Because she works in a morgue, it is logical that she eats a lot of brains because... you know, the zombie thing.

Turns out Liv is not the only zombie "under control", when we find out that the man who scratched her at the party, Blaine, is indeed alive... well technically dead but still... She gets involved in a case about a man, Javier, who was stabbed in the right eye with a paintbrush. Turns out that this man was a great artist and he even had more than one lover. This is why Liv is asked by the Detective to try to "try to use her sidekick powers" and help with the case. When she picks up a magazine and finds an article about "hotter sex", she gets this vision in which Liv gets "Excited", lets say, and she gets this specific passion for art. This is when The Detective makes a remark and says "50 shades of sidekick". At this part we discover eventually that brains don't only make Liv have visions, but also give her feelings and different passions.

Not too long after this, Blaine wakes up and they finally meet. After a small, not so friendly discussion, Blaine leaves to a bar where he meets an older aged woman. When they both got in bed, we can see that Blaine's eyes turned "full zombie mode" and in the morning we can see the respective woman's body with bites and scars on her.

When Liv and Blaine have a small discussion, he decides to change although Liv is not that convinced that he will. He goes and meets with his drug dealing co-workers after which he kills them inside their car. The woman that Blaine just killed, too, becomes a zombie. Blaine becomes a brain dealer for 25 grand a month.

At the end of the episode of [iZombie](series:1169542), at the painting exhibition, we see that the man who Liv flirted with tries to make a move on her but gets headbutted in the face. After Liv and Javier's close friend argued, Dr. Ravi figures out that not only a tall person could have killed Javier, but also a person that was sitting on a higher floor. When Liv had another vision about Javier and his baby with Rebecca, she tells Lola, Javier's wife and she goes nuts. That is when they realized that Lola could not resist the fact that Rebecca had the family she wanted with Javier, therefore snapped and actually killed Javier.


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