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I was given the opportunity to try out a very cool product that was put out as a promotion for the newest installment in the Divergent Series: [Insurgent](movie:949018). The product was merely a piece of cardboard that, once folded, became a make-shift pair of Virtual Reality goggles. It was pretty cool when explained to me and so I was all on board to try it out.

Regular cardboard VR goggles
Regular cardboard VR goggles

Unfortunately though, I do not own a smartphone but fortunately, my wife did! So it was decided that I would get to test the app and the cardboard VR goggles on her phone. I followed all the instructions for setting up the cardboard and what resulted was the following:

Insurgent- Shatter Reality goggles
Insurgent- Shatter Reality goggles

Digging a little deeper into the whole thing, I was shown the following video:

First off, let me say that I am excited for the Virtual Reality, total-immersion form of entertainment. I think that movies and games are the types of things that people go to for escapism and nothing truly allows audiences to escape more than virtual reality tech.

But in regards to the Insurgent: Shatter Reality VR, I think it's so cool that the producers are wanting to experiment with a new form of advertisement and Insurgent was the perfect avenue for this experiment. If you aren't familiar with the Divergent Series or anything that the VR or the above video are about, I'll explain it quickly:

Triss during her Aptitude Test in Divergent
Triss during her Aptitude Test in Divergent

In the [Divergent](movie:593270) Series, there are several different factions of people living in a dystopian society where teens are required to take aptitude tests to see where they will fit in society's future. It's a very unforgiving process as those who come out of the tests and are considered "divergent" are done away with due to the threat they pose to society with their diverse mindset.

It was a cool video though, as it allowed the viewer to experience what it might be like to be one of those poor test subjects in an aptitude test.

I personally hope that more companies decide to promote their movies with apps and products like this, just think of the possibilities for any future Spider-Man movies!

Spider Man with VR would be amazing
Spider Man with VR would be amazing


Kudos to Lionsgate and all who were involved for thinking of this brilliant form of spreading hype to all their fans.

Did you get to test out their new VR with the Shatter Reality video? If so, share your experience in the comments section below and don't forget to vote in the poll!


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