ByGoddard BlackRafiki Ogutu, writer at

As the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is quickly approaching, we have started to see more images of what we could expect to see in the movie. Also, with movie being just about a year away at this point. I am sure we can hope to see a trailer at about SDCC in July, or at least an extended teaser.

Personally, when i first heard that Jesse was cast as Lex, i had a bit of doubt. Not if he would be able to act the part, but more or less would he look the part. With this image being released, i believe that any doubt i had is pretty much gone at this point. Regardless of how i may feel, my excitement for this movie doesn't falter much.

What are you most excited to potential see in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? What are your thoughts on the Jesse image as Lex Luthor? Does he look the part?


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