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If you have spotted Wrinkles, report your sightings here, he's out there!!
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Who is this clown and what is he doing showing up on the side of the road and at local carnivals? Since 2013 Wrinkles has been spotted in various spots around Southwest Florida from Sarasota to Naples. For the most part he seems pretty harmless but this surveillance video has some a little concerned.

Watch the full video below

Nobody is sure if this is fake or not, but never the less it seems pretty creepy. Also it is not known if the person in the video is someone who is impersonating Wrinkles or if it truly is Wrinkles himself.

The latest encounter with Wrinkles was at the Collier County Fair this past weekend (March 20th). He was spotted walking around the fair and then was also seen dancing near the beer tent.

Wrinkles Spotted at Collier County Fair
Wrinkles Spotted at Collier County Fair
Wrinkles Dancing
Wrinkles Dancing

I have been personally obsessed with finding out more about this guy so if anyone out there has any kind of encounter with Wrinkles The Clown or has pics/vids.. please share!! To see more pics and vids, CLICK HERE to check em out.


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