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Growing up, if there was any Green Lantern character i enjoyed watching, it was John Stewart. For me, he was the face of Green Lantern, at least until I started comics. That's when i realized that i knew nothing about the Green Lantern Corp. And even if there is one [Green Lantern](movie:593221), or 1000 of them, I believe that most of us would agree that Jon holds a place in our hearts. If you were like me, and spent a lot of time watching Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, Jon Stewart was the first Green Lantern I ever saw. He was awesome, and most likely one the the best characters through both series. Is it possible to recreate one of the greatest Green Lanterns for the big screen??

Now, let us forget for the moment that the atrocity of a Green Lantern movie was not fed to us a few year ago. No offense to Ryan Reynolds, which i believe he is a great actor. But i got to blame the script writers on that one. Anyways, Tyrese Gibson has been rumored to be meeting with people this week at WB about the role. And now, it has been supposedly reported that Tyrese post an instagram photo of himself dressed as Green Lantern stating:

The Oath - See you soon...

Later, it seem to be that it was removed. Either way, the excitement level is very high for this project. Honestly, I hope he does get the roll of John Stewart. If you ask me, he has the size, the look, and the acting ability to pull this off so well.

Could this work? Could we be finally getting the Green Lantern movie we all deserve to see down the road?


Do you think Tyrese Gibson is the best choice to play Green Lantern?


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