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Its just a request from a potterhead that we need more movies like Harry Potter

I am not taking about any sequel or remake

I'm taking about a prequel followed by 5 sequels

The story about DARK LORD

There must be six movies

1. The Dark Lord

(Story about Tom Riddle from orphanage to Hogwarts, his dislike ness against half-bloods & mud-bloods and meeting with his dearest frnd Nagini)

2. The Dark Lord Rises

(Story about Tom's followers/death eaters and his horcruxes and journey to become Voldemote)

3. Dark Lord & The Four Marauders

(Story about the terror of voldy & his death eaters around the magical world and 4 students of Hogwarts known as marauders)

4. Dark Lord & The Order of Phoenix

(Journey of Marauders from students to Aurors and formation of order of Phoenix against Dark Lord & his death eaters)

5. Hogwarts - The Final Battle Part 1

(Story about the battle between Dark Lord & order of Phoenix and the Prophecy)

6. Hogwarts - The Final Battle Part 2

(Story about the back stabbing of 4th marauder and a boy who lives after conquering The Dark Lord)

I dunno how you people see this but its a very small thing which I think every potter head needed


so what you guys think..?


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