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The first official trailer for this years "FANTASTIC FOUR" only seemed to tease us about our heroes appearances, and the most vague out of all the four is Jamie Bell's new incarnation of the Thing.

Four young outsiders acquire unique and horrifying abilities after a trip into another dimension. Reed Richards acquires the ability to mold his physical form at will, Susan Storm can turn invisible and create energy fields, Johnny Storm can manipulate fire and engulf himself in flames also giving him the ability of flight and Ben Grimm drew the short straw as he is transformed forever into a bulking rock monster. Earlier today we got a better look at the Thing in an international banner.

Everything that has been coming out about "[The Fantastic Four](movie:34667)" has been impressing me, the trailer was brilliant, it looks very different from what we've seen from the Fantastic Four before but it's themes reminded me of the characters I grew up reading. Josh Trank's comments about taking influence from David Cronenberg's "The Fly" on how these abilities aren't seen as 'powers' at first but more like disabilities, how these characters are horrifically changed forever. One thing from the movie that I wasn't so sure about was the Thing as we saw in the early 2000's movies, he's a tricky character to pull off.

Yep.....let's try and forget about that.
Yep.....let's try and forget about that.

The character will be done using performance capture technology similar to what Andy Serkis uses for "Planet Of The Apes". This incarnation of the Thing looks less humorous and more terrifying, the character looks like he has been mutated which backs up Trank's earlier comments.

A new poster was also revealed for the film:

This is a slightly manipulated version of the shot at the end of the first trailer, instead of the four just standing there doing nothing, their powers have been tacked on. Sue is only partially visible and Johnny's hands are covered in fire.

I am still most curious about Doom's appearance, because of the online speculation about his character, I'm not completely certain we're going to see the classic version of Doom in this film, so that's going to be interesting to see. I'm very happy with the appearance of the other four characters though, I love the fact that each of their suits are different attaining to their power. Reed has springs on his suit to help him reform his normal shape and Johnny has vents to stop him from overheating.

"Fantastic Four" has gone from a film that I didn't really think was going to be any good to a film that is right near the top of my most anticipated of the year, I think this is going to be fantastic and nothing released about the film thus far has disappointed me.

Do you guys like this version of the Thing? Comment below!

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