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A teenage girl in the Midwest becomes infected by an outbreak of a disease that slowly turns the infected into cannibalistic zombies. During her transformation, her loving father stays by her side. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator: Genisys) and Abigail Breslin (August: Osage County) star.

"Maggie" is a film that has been on my radar for quite some time now, as a life long Arnie fan, I'm of course curious about every project of his, but this one REALLY interested me. He plays a father whose daughter is slowly becoming a zombie and it's his job to protect her. After 8 weeks, he must deliver his daughter to a quarantine zone to stop the infection from spreading to others but everyday the decision to do so becomes even more difficult.

Arnie of course isn't the biggest thespian in Hollywood, he's known for his charisma, not acting ability, but from this trailer he actually looks pretty good. That's the part I'm actually most interested in, we haven't really seen Arnie do a lot of drama over the years so it'll be great to see him in a role like this, this definitely looks like his best performance since he's come out of retirement.

Over the past couple of years I've really zoned out of the 'zombie' phenomenon, its a method of horror that has become quite boring. But now and again a film will try and do something different with the genre, that's why I appreciated "Warm Bodies" so much. "Maggie" looks to do something similar, instead of having CGI hoards of zombies run over each other (I'm looking at you World War Z), this film looks to use the genre to tell a heartfelt and genuine story of a father protecting his ill daughter.

I really liked this trailer, the story looks great, Abigail Breslin is always very good but Arnie looks like he's actually putting everything into this role. The biggest takeaway from this trailer is that it's not a "zombie" movie per say but its a story about a father and his daughter, it's just using the zombie background as a format to tell the story.

This trailer was a huge surprise, but I wanna know what you guys thought about it! Let me know in the comments below!

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