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A couple of week's ago I had a conversion with a member of the Lego team regarding my Lego Agents of Shield ideas...they said it depends on how people respond to the idea, so I've decided to do this post to see what people think...

The Set Ideas are...

The Bus- The Bus will only have 3 main sections. 1 the cockpit. 2 the planning area (where they spoke missions through). 3 the lab which will have a mini holo table in the middle which will have like a transparent shape sat on top to make it look like a holo gram. The engine's will rotate like in the show and it will have a ramp at the back for all your Shield agents to enter the bus...the mini figure's which would be included are Agent Coulson (suit), Agent May, Skye, Fzzt and Simmons.

Deathlok Creation Chamber- This set would be based on the final battle for S01E22. You'd get a bed to place your mini figure, with arm's dangling above with metal looking body parts attached to them like an arm, a hand and maybe a set of legs, to transform your Lego figure into a super soldier...the included figures would be Agent Coulson (combat), Nick Fury (scruffy), Garrett and Deathlokk.

May vs Ward- This set would be also based on S01E22. This set would be based on the Agent May and Ward fight. It would include a wall for your mini figures to fall through why in battle (like in the show) and a work bench with tools on maybe a spanner, a hammer and most definitely the nail gun. To recreate the moment where May kicks Ward butt big figures would obviously be Agent May and Grant Ward.

Lola- The final set would have to be Agent Coulson's beloved car. The set would basically be Lola, the car would include fold in wheel's so you could make it look like it was flying, it would also include flip down headlights which would role out a mini gun each side so you could shoot down your enemies...the mini figure's would be Agent Coulson and Skye but Skye would have a bit of a twist she would have a messey hair to make it look like she and Coulson had just fell from the Bus.

Those are my 4 season 1 Marvel's Agents of Shield Lego set ideas. I do have ideas for season 2 but it honestly depends how people respond to these ideas first...if you like my idea's PLEASE...Like...Comment...Share this post. The more support the more chance we've got of making these sets become more then ideas...I would be truly grateful for your support.


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