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I've been begging my girlfriend to watch this movie with me for months now. Part of the reason we haven't watched it was because of college and work and just not enough time together but god I regret not watching this flick sooner. It brought me back to my childhood of watching the original Toy Story and watching Buzz Light Year fall with "style" seeing the team in action. There was a bunch of "ooohs" and "aaahhs" going in my mind it was so hard to contain from saying out loud.

This dynamic group needs a sequel!
This dynamic group needs a sequel!

Let me start off by saying, I never read any of the source material of Big Hero 6 but I have got to say I enjoyed this movie more than I enjoyed any of the live action super hero movies. Don't get me wrong those are really good movies but something original stood out in this movie that is really hard to grasp into words. The thing is with this movie it wasn't just about getting the bad guy, it was about fixing Hero after his brother's death. Which they actually built up pretty well, they got you really connected to the characters right off the bat where you felt Hero's pain when his brother is obliterated in the explosion at the fair.

Baymax is the highlight of [Big Hero 6](movie:425271) in my opinion. He's so naive that it makes for great comic relief. I remember in one part of the movie he's trying to move out of Tadashi's room for the first time and he was trying to inch out of it without knocking anything over and I could not stop laughing at this. He soon develops into this type of older brother figure for Hero and I like the symbolism in the movie of that his brother lives on with Baymax. Part of me the whole time expected the guy behind the mask to be Tadashi because of Baymax's explanation of Tadashi still being "there" but that question I had was answered towards the end of the movie.

There were some moments with Baymax and Hero, where I thought I was watching How to Drain Your Dragon, with the first flying scenes and I thought that was pretty neat. I wish this movie was a little bit longer. I want to know what happens to the daughter at the end and where the team will go from now on. However I'm sure we will have all these questions we have when they pick this movie up for a sequel.

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