ByJoshua Paul Garner, writer at
Joshua Paul Garner

Turns out Jesse Eisenburg actually shaved his head for his role as Lex Luthor! This is such big news because we all thought that due to his religious beliefs he couldn't cut his hair and he would have to keep his frumpy white man fro.

And you know what he looks like now?

A bald Jesse Eisenburg. Amazing! It looks just like Lex Luthor! Apparently all you have to do to look like Lex Luthor is be white and bald and then people will be happy.

For those who are disappointed with the actor's new look, Snyder has announced that he will release a special directors cut in the special features of the film with reshoots of Eisenburgh wearing a wig forged with his own hair that they cut off previous to the filming of the movie. The wig will be up for bids after the shooting of the movie starting at $500,000 dollars.


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