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This article will contain heavy spoilers for those who are not caught up with [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469), so SPOILER ALERT!

Last nights episode of 'Agents of SHIELD answered some of the questions we had at the end of last weeks episode, mainly around what organization Mockingbird and Mack are truly working for. So far we know it as the 'real' SHIELD; basically they are a bit more hardcore than the SHIELD we've known since the very beginning. We know from the preview of next weeks episode that Bobbi and Mack will be found out and a fight between former allies will play out. That sounds a lot like the 'Civil War' story line don't you think? Let's go over the characters and see where they stand- Coulson, May, Fitz, and Simmons are still with the original SHIELD. Mack, and Bobbi are with this new group led by Robert Gonzalez. There are three others there; Anne Weaver a minor character from season 1 and two new characters whom we don't know at all. Finally the wildcards, Skye, Ward and Hunter. Even though Hunter is against the 'real' SHIELD, he isn't an agent to begin with he is a mercenary so for all we know he may not even rejoin Coulson's team. Skye has been dropped off at a hiding place to control her inhuman powers and Ward is a HYDRA agent to begin with so he won't have a part in this at all most likely. So we have two organizations that will fight each other because they disagree with each other's actions. Gonzalez believes Coulson is too 'soft', we don't yet know what Coulson thinks of Gonzalez but he will likely have a lot to say about him soon. A fight is inevitable between these two. In 'Civil War' there were some characters that switched sides during the battle and that could occur here as well, most likely Mockingbird since she still has feelings for Hunter she may join up with Coulson the fight against Gonzalez. However since she betrayed the entire team, Coulson may just tell her to pack her bags and piss off; it's hard to regain a SHIELD agents trust let alone the director of SHIELD's trust.

If this is what will happen in the coming episodes of the show; we should ask what will end the fight? Well in the comics it was the death of Captain America. In the movie [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) (a loose adaptation of the comic story) it will likely have something to do with the villain that Daniel Bruhl is playing (rumored to be Baron Zemo). In the show what crisis could possibly get these two organizations to stop fighting and make a truce. Well here is the answer.

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)! When the world goes to hell during the events of this film both organizations will realize that they have been dishonoring what SHIELD was originally meant to do; save lives and stop the bad guys and they have been so busy fighting each other that they didn't even have enough time to react to an eight foot tall robot that has been slaughtering millions of innocent people. It will unite them all together as one and they will work along side one and other to stop the real threats like Ward and Zabo.

This is all just a theory, but they are building up to something big so I think this is how it will play out. Maybe I am wrong and they will make amends right away or perhaps this 'real' SHIELD won't last long at all.


Do you think Agents of SHIELD will do a story similar to 'Civil War'?


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