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Time and time again, there are always wars in a fan base because having an OPINION is a bad thing! People tend to argue about any subject, but obviously we're going to talk about entertainment. Regardless if it's about how a company is handling it's product or what color a DRESS IS... Flame wars will start. Let's get to it!

1. Marvel vs. DC

Come on, you know this would come up. If it's about shows, movies, or comics, DC and Marvel is bound to be brought up frequently and it prompts fans to argue which one is better. If you know my page, I write a lot about DC. The superhero genre is a success now, but no matter the movie, actors, or anything else... fans can't all see eye to eye.

2. The Ending of Avatar: LOK (SHIPPING WARS)

If you watched the Avatar series and joined a page or forum, YOU KNOW what I'm talking about! The LOK ending was really controversial. The fact that the creators confirmed the relationship of Korrasami canon, made it even worse. Fans were (and still are) arguing about if the show was overall good or not. People even bench watched the series. After this, now people assume Avatar Kyoshi was a lesbian and people constantly bring up the LGBT community.

I don't really ship people together, I just wanted them to focus on the individual characters before that. It's so frustrating to be in this fandom because the only thing people truly cared about was who Korra would end up with.

3. Avatar: TLA vs. LOK

Sorry, I don't know the artist.
Sorry, I don't know the artist.

Yup. When you have a franchise, it is INEVITABLE that each instalment will be compared to one another. This brings up Korrasami. The ending of a series is one of the most important elements on the show. (The others are Water, Earth, Fire, and Air) Anyway, after the ending this fractured the fandom. There are people who preferred TLA before, but now.... Well, the original had a full series to begin with, Korra didn't get the green-light for more episodes immediately. There were shipping wars in the original too (not as bad). Basically, which show is overall better...

4. The Big 3 (Naruto, Bleach, & One Piece)

These are what you refer to as "Gateway Anime" or shows that would get you invested in the genre (any show can get you into a genre). All 3 have many episode and are addicted at first. I grow out of that phase, but people still argue about which one is the best. Which btw, they have MANY episodes and they include a lot of filler.

Who Would Win Against Who?

Always a topic that is debated on. Not only Goku vs. Superman, but any character fight in general. ADMIT IT! If there were 2 characters or heck, even a battle royal, you would love to see it! We have to remember that a character's power abides by their respective universe. Fans can be truly annoying because a character they like is the obvious winner in their mind. Sometimes, fans like to just leave it a mystery or to imagination, but sites like Screwattack defies that. I'm not saying it's bad, what I'm saying is: a Death Battle alone starts a flame war.

Defining Anime!

If you watch the Avatar franchise, RWBY, or any other show that has a similar style to an anime, there's a good chance you've been a part of this. Shows like these question if the West can make a genuine anime. There are definitely hardcore (and even casual) anime fans that would disagree. Others don't. The thing that really matters is it DOESN'T MATTER! Being an anime does not make a show any better or worse.

Final Verdict: I didn't say as much as I could. The console wars, Retro vs Modern Entertainment, and so much more. I just gave the stuff I see off the top of my head. These are the type of arguments that last for months in the comment! Honestly though, flame wars have some value (not really though), it just depends. For Example, Jason Momoa write F Marvel and Marvel had insisted DC quite a few times before. It makes the competition up its game. Besides, it would be pretty boring not see people pointlessly argue about something anyway lol.

What do you think? Is there a flame war you been a part of or heard of? Leave a comment below!


Which Flame War Do You Think Is Worse?


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