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Let me just say that it was an absolute blast going through each and every Avengers Fancast that you guys submitted last week. The creative casting choices opened my eyes to some amazing what-if scenarios in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some highlights include:

  • Emily Blunt is a fan favorite to play Black Widow if Scarlett Johansson ever puts down the leather onesie.
  • Alexander Skarsgard would make a great God of Thunder
  • Reverse-Gender Avengers should totally be a thing!


Alas, our two winners for this competition went above and beyond and came up with incredibly creative and unique casting choices. Congratulations to:

William Cloud for his spot on recasting of the Avengers as legendary actors from 50s and 60s era cinema.

Dylan Blyth for his creative and well thought out casting of Marvel's Avengers using none other than DC superheroes. A true merging of worlds!


I would be remiss not to mention two other posts that we enjoyed immensely that will each be receiving a small prize for their efforts:

Martin Pinzon for his clever, gender-swapped Avengers

Evan Lee for his incredibly detailed recasting of the Avengers as mythological creatures.

To the rest of you wonderful creators!

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