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Spiderman is all there is to life
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Everyone is really excited about the new [Marvel](channel:932254) movie , Captain America 3: Civil War, but one role has not yet been taken. That is the middleman. That's right , the middleman may not seem important but surely is. Everyone knows the classic interceder in the comics is Spider-Man , but maybe Civil War won't be Spideys first MCU appearance. Ever since Parker was confirmed to be displayed in the MCU everyone has just assumed he'd be shown in Civil War, although their has not been a legitamate confirmation. Unfortunately we should start to seek substitutes for Peters place.


Do want Spider-Man to stay?

Why Won't Spider-Man Be in Captain America 3: Civil War?

When Spider-Man supported registration he committed an insane act. He unmasked himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You better believe it . After Tony convinced Peter , he listened! Better yet, on television. The unmasking is the problem in introducing the Spider. If Spider-Man is unmasked , it won't mean anything since the public doesn't know him yet. So let's get back to searching for middlemen.

First off is...


It might not seem like a good fit at first but , the deeper you think about it , the better he seems. Think about it! Hawkeyes has a relationship with both Cap and Tony . Barton is the perfect middleman.


Should Hawkeye be the Middleman?

Next candidate is...

[Black Panther](movie:9047)

Panther is a brand new hero and Captain America 3: Civil War is the perfect way to introduce him. Black Panther is actually the only superhero that Disney is considering to substitute Spidey


Should Black Panther be the middleman?

Last choice is...


Hardcore fans surely know that Thor has a clone during the Civil War, but Disney probably won't do that. So if Thor has no place then why don't put him in the midst.


Should Thor be the middleman?

So who do you think should be the "Middleman"?


Who should be the Middleman?


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