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I have loved comic books since I was 4 my mom read them to me

5: Taskmaster

I love the Taskmaster because, he forgot who is and learns from observing, thus choosing to be in the moment, so many heroes are haunted from the past, when really it just holds them back.


my grandma and my aunt have died of cancer now my mom is, I admire someone who is able to rise above it, that is a core aspect of a hero the ability to see in through the dark to the light.

3: Saint Walker

I am a very hopeful caring person and Saint Walker is hope, who else can save a planet by hopeing? everyone if they want to.

2: Black Manta

The super villain I relate to the most is Black Manta he is fueled by his obsession, to be in the sea i have diabetes insipidus basically that means i am always thirsty because my body does not hold water well, so my dark side is im always looking for water.

1: Aquaman

The hero im most like is Aquaman, i love the water but more importantly i am a bridge to two different worlds I have medical issues yet i function so i try to bring people closer together in a way no one could with out living both sides, my last name was Clemsen its Latin for forgiveness of the son, which Aquaman has shown.


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