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• Seduction and Flirting

• She can still be in flames while under water

• Great in hand to hand combat skills

• Super human strength

• Flying ability

• Her power comes from the Sun

• She comes from the Sun People

• She can cover the Earth in Fire


• Boys

• Brimstone

• Her Parents

• Self centered

• Can be a mean girl

• Lava

• The Sun People

The League Of Super Heroines: Meet Blaize Marie Sun

Property  Doll Face Animated Films Kimberly Jesika
Property Doll Face Animated Films Kimberly Jesika
“ It’s obvious that girls are jealous of me because I can ignite a spark between their crushes when they are still struggling to get out of the friend zone! I guess you can say, I can really light up a room” – Blaize Marie Sun

Blaize is the daughter of the most famous hero that the Sun Fire League ever had. He was strong, and possessed many greater abilities than many of his child hood friends. He then got married to Marisol Gold, a women whose beauty was as powerful as the rays of the Sun itself. When Blaize was born, everyone was happy. When she laughed for the first time, it was said that her tiny laughter shed the most beautiful light even in the darkest of places. Like her mother, Blaize grew up to be a beautiful young girl. Her father and mother loved her with all their hearts and would stop at nothing in order to make Blaize happy. Like her father, Blaize is extremely popular! Her clothes outshine everyone she goes to school with automatically making her the center of attention. Many girls who know her were jealous because of the way her long blond hair flowed from side to side causing a strange yet alluring aphrodisiac that made her approachable to many men. She loves the attention the boys were giving her and enjoyed the fact that the men wanted her more than their actual girlfriends.

To Blaize, this was just another game to her. She never fell in love with a boy before although many of them fell deeply in love with her. Her father told her never to let her emotions get in the way of protecting her family and values until later on in life. She respected her father’s wishes; still the satisfaction of being held in guy’s arms seemed to make disobeying even more fun! The men who were captured by the sight of Blaize and by how charming she was couldn’t get enough. When Blaize feels as though they are going to far, she ends up breaking their heart.

She wanted to stay true to her father’s word, but then one day she spotted a handsome man in the arms of another girl who’s hair was as Red as blood. Blaize didn’t care much about the girl, but she took a very sudden interest in the guy she was with. She became infatuated with Phlame and the idea of seeing Hellyn get angry when she swished her hair towards him when she left made her want Phlame even more.

Hellyn was not one to mess with and she didn’t like the fact that Blaize out of all the girls in Super Heroine High was after her boyfriend. She knew exactly what Blaize intentions were but she remained quiet but still she would always watch Blaize from a distance. Blaize keeps on tempting Phlame but it isn’t long before someone new comes to the school whom she not only becomes infatuated with, but she experiences what it’s like to fall in love. The new guy who went by the name of “Torch” was handsome as can be, but there was more to him then Blaize realizes. Torch happens to be Blaize’s arch Rival, coming from the Hell Fire tribe, there was no way that they could be together! But Blaize is determined to be with Torch no matter what that she is willing to do just about ANYTHING!

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