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I am an independent horror filmmaker in NYC. Co-owner of Mass Grave Pictures, and director of the slasher film, Blood Slaughter Massacre. I
Manny MassGrave Serrano

We at Mario Likes Movies grew up in the 80’s. And being kids of the 80’s, we know that horror was big business for kids. Freddy had a telephone hotline, The Cryptkeeper had a cartoon, and Jim Henson scared the hell out of us. It was a time that some of the most inappropriate movies had crossovers into products for kids. For most of us, our parents were okay with their 10-year-olds (some younger) watching R-Rated movies, and we saw quite a few that probably damaged us for a looooong time.

In all honesty, you didn’t even have to watch horror movies to get scared. Which of us weren’t absolutely terrified when you heard your parents were watching the opening theme of Unsolved Mysteries? Or The Gmork in The Neverending Story? It’s like they were trying to give us nightmares!

But, being the sadists that we were, we would seek out more. More scary movies, and more frightening TV shows, and Hollywood brought them out in droves. One horror movie sequel after another, with soundtracks by the biggest bands of the time, and enough monster merchandise to choke a horse. Who didn’t have a My Pet Monster? And we all swore our Cabbage Patch Kid looked just like Chucky.

Kids couldn’t always get to the movies on their own, so horror became big business on TV. Shows like Freddys Nightmares, Tales From The Darkside, and Monsters were all on late-night TV along with a reboot of The Twilight Zone and eventually Tales From The Crypt.

They gave way to Goosebumps and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? in the 90’s, but in the 80’s, movies that we totally shouldn’t have seen (but did anyway) were turned into cartoons for us to enjoy. Tales From The Cryptkeeper, Robocop, Rambo, Beetlejuice, The Toxic Avenger and even Conan had cartoons! What the hell were they thinking? That’s like making a cartoon out of Dredd or American Horror Story.

As a kid though, your radar of what should and should not be scary, is a little skewed. It’s more about the visuals, rather than the implications. So, sometimes we found things scary, that weren’t meant to be scary, and sometimes the thing that should be scary actually went right over our heads.

From Labyrinth and Creepshow to The Fog and Tales From The Darkside, we discuss those movies (and TV shows) that really creeped us out when we were young.

The conversation brings us to a video we found on YouTube of a girl investigating the Carter Hotel in NYC. Possibly one of the creepiest moments in your life is when you think someone could be sitting in the dark staring at you, and this girl gets a hotel room in the one hotel where that may actually happen! Check it out below.


Rob Zombie – The Girl Who Loved The Monsters
Murderdolls – B-Movie Scream Queen
The Birthday Massacre – The Neverending Story
Halloween 3 – Silver Shamrock Theme
Andrew WK – I Love NYC
Tales From The Darkside Theme
Miracle – Veteran of Psychic Wars

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