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Big into comic book heroes as well as Harry Potter, Supernatural, Dr. Who, etc.
J Dalton Mattox

People always have their favorite character from a series or movie, they very depending on the person, and usually reflect attributes that person possess or wish to have. I am going to run through my Top 5 favorites.

(Sam Winchester)- Sam is one of my favorites because even though the idea that "all monsters are evil, kill them" was pounded into his head from the moment he could walk, he can still treat monsters with a bit of humanity and understanding, despite what he has been through. If you didn't do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about with Sam around. (Though I'd watch out for Dean.)

(Harry Potter)- If you asked me to tell you one human being that we should all try to be like it's Harry, hands down. Even though Voldemort murdered his parents he wasn't out seeking revenge; even though his aunt and uncle treated him like garbage he didn't purposefully use magic to harm them; even though he had all the Deathly Hallows he chose not to use them because it was wrong to take that kind of power for yourself. He is an example of what humanity should be like.

(Tony Stark)- One of the things I like about Stark is that even though he is the result of his father throwing him to the wolves so to speak, he still has some compassion. His antics may be a little unorthodox, but at the end of the day he knows wrong from right and wants everyone safe. He's more than just a suit in my book.

(The Doctor)- Whether it's an army of Daleks invading or a crack in reality The Doctor is there to help. He devotes his life to finding and helping those in need of his assistance. He is the savior of entire races and planets, he is one with all peoples, he doesn't have a discriminatory bone in his alien body. (Unless of course you killed thousands of his race in an intergalactic Time War, then you can go get exterminated.)

(Goku)- For an insensitive beefed up Saiyan, you have to admit Goku is one of a kind. Despite being from another planet, Goku, to me, represents mankind's ability to push forward no matter what. No matter how strong the enemy, no matter how small the odds for survival, Goku will lay it all on the line to protect the innocent from harm. Somehow he can retain a childlike wonder with the universe even after the brutality of the universe has broken his body to the core and left him in the dirt. He has such amazing power, but he won't use it for personal gain or evil.


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