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Batman V Superman was supposed to come out today but got pushed till next year so far we know how Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and [Aquaman](movie:264237) will look. There's also that tease at SDCC last year but it still hasn't made it to the public! We already know Jesse Eisenberg is the perfect Lex Luthor after his picture got released today and its just amazing! We still however don't know much about what exactly is the reason our heroes duke it out. That actually might have been answered today and it might just be because of Lex Luthor. According to Badass Digest that just may be the key figure in this battle of gods!

But it is Superman who goes to Gotham and starts the confrontation... at the behest of Lex Luthor

I could actually see this Lex manipulating and using guilt on Superman for the destruction he caused to Metropolis. He might persuade Superman to go take out the boogeyman in an effort to gain trust from politicians and government officials that want The Dark Knight taken out. This is pretty similar to how The Dark Knight Returns novel plays out as well!

In Frank Miller's seminal The Dark Knight Returns Batman and Superman duke it out when the president sends Supes, a lackey of the government, in to stop Batman as he cleans up the streets of Gotham and effectively takes over the city. Earlier rumors have pointed to this new version of Batman being a “boogeyman” that draws the ire of many government officials, so it’s not hard to see Kal-El manipulated into believing the Dark Knight is a menace to society in need of removal. Especially since this version of Superman has been shown eager to prove he’s trustworthy, despite the anti-Superman sentiments permeating the proceedings

If you replace the president with Lex than I'm pretty confident in this rumor as the way Batman is being handled seems like The Dark Knight Returns version. This is supposed to be a Batman that's been at it for years so he might have a bit of issues going on. That wasn't all though according to the site we will get a very destructive opening when these two meet check it out!

But it is Superman who goes to Gotham and starts the confrontation... at the behest of Lex Luthor. And unlike The Dark Knight Returns, Superman comes out swinging, pulverizing the Batmobile with one punch.

This might be why Bats is so sad in the picture! In all seriousness I'm sort of liking this rumor about how are two heroes start this fight. Its a little bit of a twist on what was rumored before with the the Lex and Batman team up but this one seems more probable.We're going to have to keep anticipating that teaser that should be out pretty soon.....hopefully we will get answers then! What do you think will cause the fight though? Let me know below!


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