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The next episode hasn’t even arrived yet and already forces are hard at work to get the cast together for the equally anticipated Star Wars spin-off, [Rogue One](movie:854980). So far, the only confirmed cast member to be leading the secretive squadron is Theory of Everything star Felicity Jones, but now a rumour from Deadline suggests that Bloodline gem, Ben Mendelsohn is eyeing a role as well.

Already an impressive talent appearing in the likes of The Dark Knight Rises, Killing Them Softly and alongside Jack O’Connell in Starred Up, Mendelsohn has been turning heads recently thanks to his sterling performance in Netflix’s new series. Playing the black sheep of an already unbalanced family, his performance has been the highlight of the show so far, so his career will no doubt be jumping to light speed after this. Could Star Wars be his next port of call? Well, you can’t get much bigger than that really, can you?

Just like Episode VII, Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One is still shrouded in a Sith-like cloak of mystery, but the title is enough for fans to twig that it’ll have some deadly dog-fights and a flight plan set somewhere in the galaxy.

For now, you can see if Mendelsohn has the acting chops to work in such a beloved franchise in Bloodline, which might I add, deserves everyones attention (see the trailer below). That might help pass the time for all of a day whilst you wait to countdown for Episode VII which will be arriving December 18, before Rogue One comes in to land next year, December 16.

Two Star Wars films, two years in a row. Is anyone else still having trouble processing that? Express your confusion and whether you think Mendelsohn would make a good fit in the galaxy far, far away in the comments below.

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