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I have loved comic books since I was 4 my mom read them to me

5: Batman

I know alot of people admire batman but lets face it he is sick. as a boy bruise watched his parents get murdered. he felt afraid and froze in fear unable to escape that moment. Batman inflicts his fear on criminals, i understand the fear he has done the best with the pain he has been dealt. To me batman is a character who symbolizes the fight to stay sane and healthy.

4: Loki

Loki felt unloved by his father his whole life, not understanding how he fit in until he found out he is not Odin's son. Loki's whole life had been a lie, Loki choose to accept his destiny becoming the embodiment of lies

3: Black Hand

Feeling more comfortable with death Black hand murdered his dog and sewed him up to be his dead dog companion and if that was not crazy enough killed his family then himself to become Black hand the first Black lantern.

2: Deadpool

The only reason Wade Wilson is number 2 on my list is he did not choose to be insane. Wade got cancer and Canadians screwed him up worse by injecting him with a healing factor. Deadpool hears voices in his head, is completely unpredictable, is misogynistic, and is a super awesome lady killer!!!!;3

...did i mention he breaks the fourth wall alot and needs to butt out of my account.

1: The Joker

The Joker is misogynistic, a homicidal maniac, and is completely aware of what he is doing. The Joker not only inspires chaos in his comic, but in real life too. no one knows what his name is or his back story. I get the shivers reading about the Joker at least we know Deadpool is unpredictable with the joker he has a method to his madness his order is chaos.


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