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Hey MoviePiloters,

If you have taken the time to read any of my other posts on this fine site, First of all i say thank you for your time. Then I will move onto the obligatory "Called It" with regards to my earlier post of Rick Grimes becoming the big bad of the series in Walking Dead, which with one episode to go it looks like that is where they are going (Yes I know they will pull him back from the edge but lets agree it would be cool to see him go Full Shane for a little bit). I also made a cheeky post about Arrow and Flash, in which I commented on how it would be cool to see Detectives West and Lance get a sort of spin-off episode. Okay I know I am stretching here but I looks like they are going to share some scenes in next few episodes, which is cool beans for me.

The Walking Dead Season 5: Is RICK The New Big Bad!?

Arrow And Flash: The Crossover That May Never Happen!!!

The other thing you may or may not have noticed is that I run a small fledgling Podcast by the name of 365Flicks Podcast. A subject in our latest episode was a debate as to who our favorite big screen Batman was, A five way Slobber Knocker if you will. We did this because I myself am a huge BatFan (I even have the Birds Of Prey Tattooed on my back.. If you would like to see them comment below). The debate went reasonably well with some interesting comments. I opened it up to the Social Medias and it sparked a small but noticeable conversation. All of this made me think 'why not open up to my fellow Moviepilot Creators and Readers' after all we Geek therefore we are.

Comment below and let me know who is your favorite big screen B-Man. In the Pod we had an intricate scoring system (Best 3, HAHA) and we scored them over 3 crucial Bat rounds, 1 Best Bruce Wayne/ Bat Voice, 2 Best Tech and Gadgets, 3 Best Combat. The only rules we made were:

  • No one before Adam West (because we didnt know the others)
  • No Batfleck ( because we aint seen him yet)
  • No Animated or Computer Game version (because lets be honest the 5 we have is enough)

So who was your favorite Big Screen Batman I would love to know your thoughts on this and see who comes out on top between these 5 men... Adam West, Micheal Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale.

On the Pod we also had a bonus round for no points were we discussed who we might like to see take on the cape and cowl, assuming we didn't know that BatFleck is on his way. You can have a listen to the Episode by clicking Here 365Flicks Ep 008 News Round-Up/ Best Big Screen Batman/ Future Of Stars Wars We start the debate round about minute 39.

So give us a like shoot me a comment and hit that follow button at the side for more from me... I am Haldon365 and again thanks for taking a minute out of your day.


Who Is Your Favorite Big Screen Batman?????


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