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Us impeccable Marvel fans have been lucky enough to have been gifted a varied selection of breathtaking and exciting trailers, and string of simply AMAZING TV spots to remind us of the 'Avengers' sequel; 'Age Of Ultron', dawning on us ever-closer in May!

Now with the next (but hopefully not the last) short TV spot to have been given to us eager Marvelites, we are shown an introduction in which Captain America and The Mighty Thor deliver a kick-ass multiplayer takedown to a hopeless "Ultron-follower-bot-thing", followed by a typical bad-ass montage in which things may be looking stressful for Black Widow, as more footage shows her new green love bunny going on a rampage against Tony Stark!

Anyway, check it out down bellow:

Now I'm really excited for the whole multi-Avenger takedown that we've been shown, because this means that we're going to have an 'Avengers' film in which we literally see them working together - not just existing on the same battlefield - beating their enemies to a pulp using their ally's strengths as well!

Are you excited for Age Of Ultron? Does this new footage tickle your heartstrings? Let us know your thoughts and feelings, theories and speculations in the comments. Thanks for reading!


Is 'Age Of Ultron' going to have fight scenes that are more bad-ass than ever?


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