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A lot of people believe in ghosts. And even those who don't believe can still be spooked out by "the unexplained."

Ghostly visions, shadows, cold spots, the feeling of being watched have all been linked to people communicating from beyond the grave.

Horror films love to scare us with paranormal stories, we all like telling scary stories, and EVERYONE loves Ghostbusters.

What if celebrities come back from the grave? Maybe they have unfinished business or were so used to being famous when they were alive, they still want a bit of the action now?!

Here's a list of spooky dead celebrity sightings!

Read them if you dare!

10. Orson Welles

Orson Welles was the voice behind the radio broadcast of H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" which caused panic-stricken Americans to go crazy at the thought of an alien invasion. He later directed Citizen Kane, which is regularly named one of the greatest movies of all time.

After his death people have claimed that they have seen Orson sitting at his favorite restaurant, Ma Maison in LA, eating his favorite food, drinking wine, and smoking cigars just like a regular customer!

The restaurant was shut down in 1985, meaning Orson might now have to find a new favorite haunt (sorry).

9. Farrah Fawcett

Original Charlie's Angel babe Farrah has apparently been in contact with...Tori Spelling of all people.

Long-time neighbors, Tori received a message from the deceased actress while talking to medium John Edwards.

Tori claims she said to tell her son Redmond that she was "doing specific call outs for things they would understand."

Random, yet spooky, but still very random.

8. Al Capone

The notorious gangster was said to be behind the Valentine's Day Massacre, where a restaurant was sprayed with bullets, killing several people, and many other crimes.

He was played by Robert De Niro in the film The Untouchables.

After being sent to Alcatraz for his crimes, Capone ended up dying there.

His ghost is said to haunt the grounds of the prison, with one Park Ranger saying he can hear a banjo being played, the sound comes from Capone's cell, he was a big fan of playing the banjo.

Must be pretty sinister considering the prison is now abandoned, which leaves no explanation of being able to hear music!

7. John Belushi

The Saturday Night Live star and Blues Brother died in Bungalow 3 at the Chateau Marmot hotel in LA after binging on drink and drugs.

Guests in Bungalow 3 have experienced the feeling of being watched, especially when looking in the bathroom mirror.

One couple have said that their son stayed awake all night talking to someone he called "the funny man." Years later, the boy saw a picture of Belushi and said that he was the funny man who had been in Bungalow 3.

Shame this kid didn't know who he was, it would be really cool to hang out with John, even in ghost form.

Friend and fellow Blues Brother Dan Akroyd has also said he has seen John's ghost in Studio 8H where they worked together.

"It's as if John is in limbo there." Dan has been quoted as saying.

6. Jim Morrison

In the infamous '27 club,' Morrison died in a bath after what is widely regarded as a heroin overdose in Paris.

It is said that after his death his ghost now resides in Los Angeles, the city that propelled Morrison and his band, The Doors, to mega-stardom.

Jim has been seen in the bathroom of the 'Mexico Restaurant Y Barra,' which is built where The Doors' recording studio once was.

Well, if you do see a ghost, I guess a good placenta be would be in a bathroom!

5. John Lennon

Since his murder on December 8, 1980 there has been some spooky messages sent from John from beyond the grave.

His son Julian Lennon has claimed his father came to him in the shape of a white feather, which is often regarded as a symbol for a 'guardian angel.'

Paul McCartney has said he felt his presence at the recording of the song 'Free as a Bird.' In fact, at the end of the song, a part played backwards sounds like 'made for John Lennon,' in a voice that - if not John's - is scarily similar.

Watch the clip below, the song is played and there's also an unexplained blue light that flashes on the screen.

Could it be John communicating from beyond the grave?!

4. Elvis

After dying at his beloved Graceland on August 16, 1977, it seems Elvis is reluctant to leave!

Many visitors to his former home have claimed to see 'The King' while looking around the house.

One fan managed to get this picture.

Could it be Elvis? It's plausible, no-one has worn bell bottoms like those since the '70s, maybe he's in his famous white jumpsuit?!

Some people have also claimed to see him marrying Marilyn Monroe's ghost in the gardens at Graceland... so it looks like Marilyn might be in a lot of places at once!

3. Kurt Cobain

It seems that Kurt is in touch with the digital age if this encounter is anything to go by.

In 2000, a 24-year-old bar manager from Essex, England, was doing some searching on the internet, when, she says, Kurt started talking to her through her Compax Presario laptop.

If that wasn't crazy enough, the star then asked her to kiss him, and she did. The cyber kiss must have been too much for Kurt as after that she didn't hear from him again. And her laptop broke.

I hope she was at home and not in some internet cafe or that would be beyond weird.

3. Marilyn Monroe

Oh Marilyn. Idol to many, adored by millions, the world became a sadder place when the beautiful blond bombshell died of a barbiturate overdose on August 6, 1962.

But, Marilyn is said to still be present in Hollywood, with multiple sightings of her, especially at The Roosevelt Hotel. A renowned paranormal hotspot, Marilyn haunts a full length mirror in the hotel and has also been seen dancing in the hotel's ballroom.

She is also said to haunt her old home in Brentwood California.

Look at the clip below, is it Marilyn?!

1. Michael Jackson

Is there a better way for the King of Pop to make his 'from beyond the grave' comeback than on one of America's most popular television shows!

During a tour of the singer's ranch, 'Neverland,' Larry King viewers were spooked to see what looks like the figure of Michael walking across a room, all caught on video camera!

Could it be?! Is it Michael!?

Check out the clip for yourself..


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